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Fortune 500 Leadership 

Dates: 7.7 - 7.19.2019

 For Aspiring Young Business Leaders.

 Preparation for Growth and Internship.


Portfolio of MBA Skills

Take MBA-level classes and equip yourself with leadership skills required for success at US corporations.

World-Class Business School

Work with peers at top business school campus, plus access world renowned mentors and instructors.

Internship Interview 

Prep your professional skills, interview with highly-curated group of corporations, and win internships.

Personal Brand Development

Develop your professional brand from world class executives and instructors of the Disney corporation.  

Daily Schedule

Morning: Workshops 

Modules for   Advanced  HS Students

Take college-level workshops and classes at UCI Paul Merage School of Business focused on building a personal brand. 

Develop professional presence, presentation skills, leadership and teamwork and creative and entrepreneurial thinking. 

Afternoon: Portfolio + Career Prep

Projects & Externship

Identify personal skills and interests and analyze opportunities and challenges through individual branding projects. Prepare to present the personal brand in various forms including interviews, websites and presentations. 

Get externship experience at top companies in Silicon Beach. 

Evening: Visioneering™

Customized Activities & Counseling 

Meet with our Visioneers™  who help you discover and develop your unique talents and gifts. 

Build long-lasting relationships with Visioneers and other gifted and talented students through team-building activities.